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Black Widow Can Am Accessories

Black Widow Can Am Accessories
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14 Nov 2014 - new site appearance test

With the holiday season fast approaching the current new look and feel of this forum seems appropriate.  Gobble gobble!  It seems easier to read everything than in the past too.  We may do more experimenting with available themes until something really clicks.  Don't be alarmed, we're just testing things. 

There will be plenty more changes coming here so check back often for some light entertainment from time to time in the coming months.  We'll send out newsletters to make any important announcements.  We hope that by the early Spring things will look very different around here with the scheduled redesign of the site deep into the planning stages right now.  Honestly, this was very much long overdue.

Most riders are not thinking of getting out on the road with the temps dropping either.  Please take the time to enjoy your families in the coming weeks.  That's more important than Spyder ryding.  Hunker down for the Winter if you're not one of those crazy people that ride all year long.  If you are one of those people please be safe.  No one is expecting to see you out there.  Be extra defensive when you do ride and enjoy! 

06 Nov 2014 - A New Chapter

We are sad to announce that the Jayme Good has stepped down from her former position with the Pennsylvania Spyders Ryders club to pursue her own endeavors along with a select few others from the club.  We wish them well and ride safe.

Although this was untimely and abrupt, Pennsylvania Spyder Ryders will continue on with our special brand of riding for 2015.  We plan to put together a full riding schedule with new and exciting rides concepts organized by the highly experienced staff from Ohio.  We are taking the Pennsylvania Spyder Ryders club in a new direction.  We will be reaching out to a broader range of locations to give more people across the State an opportunity to experience our unique brand of riding. We love to ride and ride we will.

I will be taking over the leadership until we find replacements for the senior staff of Pennsylvania Spyder Ryders club.  Since we need to rebuild the leadership in Pennsylvania we will definitely be looking for dedicated Spyder Ryders to take the reins for the future well-being of the Pennsylvania Spyder Ryders club. Anyone interested in a possible leadership role please contact me on this Pennsylvania Spyder Ryder website. We are looking for people who love to ride the wheels off their Spyder.

Eric Deuble
Spyder Nation President

24 Oct 2014 - [POLL] Riding distance

1 vote per person, results visible after you cast yours.  Comments encouraged!

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