News: Pennsylvania Spyder Ryders RULE!

  • January 25, 2015, 07:16:55 PM

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Black Widow Can Am Accessories

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05 Dec 2014 - Nice easy customization

We're still testing things out this Winter.  Some bigger changes are on the horizon. 

The latest forum theme seems to have some nice features.  One of the best is the ability for any registered and logged in user to customize their colors.  Towards the top and right of ever page is a color picker.  Depending on your settings you might not actually see this color picker.  The first attachment show what you may need to click on to open the color picker.  The second attachment just shows you the different colors that are available.  click one, it changes the entire feel of the site.  Find one you like and stick with it or change it every time you visit.  That's all up to you!

Enjoy!   ;D
I just wasted a lot of time figuring this out.   rolleyes

When you consider all the different colors combinations available, the different shifting (manual or electric) available and the different models (RS/ST/RT/F3 and subs) available for BRP Spyders in 2015 there are a lot of options.  I mean a lot!  Things have certainly changed for the consumer since they first came out when the only option was the RS.

A total of 46 (forty six) unique Spyder model configurations are available from Can-Am in 2015.   cheeers


06 Nov 2014 - A New Chapter

We are sad to announce that the Jayme Good has stepped down from her former position with the Pennsylvania Spyders Ryders club to pursue her own endeavors along with a select few others from the club.  We wish them well and ride safe.

Although this was untimely and abrupt, Pennsylvania Spyder Ryders will continue on with our special brand of riding for 2015.  We plan to put together a full riding schedule with new and exciting rides concepts organized by the highly experienced staff from Ohio.  We are taking the Pennsylvania Spyder Ryders club in a new direction.  We will be reaching out to a broader range of locations to give more people across the State an opportunity to experience our unique brand of riding. We love to ride and ride we will.

I will be taking over the leadership until we find replacements for the senior staff of Pennsylvania Spyder Ryders club.  Since we need to rebuild the leadership in Pennsylvania we will definitely be looking for dedicated Spyder Ryders to take the reins for the future well-being of the Pennsylvania Spyder Ryders club. Anyone interested in a possible leadership role please contact me on this Pennsylvania Spyder Ryder website. We are looking for people who love to ride the wheels off their Spyder.

Eric Deuble
Spyder Nation President

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